Perl 5 Personal Service

I thought about this on and off for some time but have not done anything with it yet. Maybe someone else with better ideas can do something like this.

I was wondering if it would be interesting to create a web application that on one hand would allow people using Perl to get some personalized services on the other hand it would allow the ongoing collection of some statistical data about the Perl community and about the usage of Perl.

The services that would be offered could include alert when one of the modules used by the person gets a new version. It could include a Google-alert like service when the modules are mentioned in one of the perl related sources.

It could allow the notification about Perl related events in their city/country/continent.

It could allow people to mark their favorite modules. It could allow to follow other people whose judgement they trust for modules which in turn would provide a better way to search for modules on CPAN for everyone.

It would allow an on-going survey similar to the one that was a year or two ago but that would allow people to change the data they provide and allow the site maintainers to provide information regarding the changes as well.

Published on 2009-06-28 by Gabor Szabo