Perl 6 training in Lisbon in August

I am happy to announce that on 1-2 August, 2009, the week-end before YAPC::EU I am going to give a Perl 6 training in Lisbon, Portugal.

Details of the course can be found here. It is the further development of the training I gave in Oslo in April where Larry Wall also attended my class. (I should write about that experience a bit more).

If you'd like to register that should be via the purchase form of the conference. You will probably need to first register though.

Now that it is official that I am going to give this training I'll need to update both the syllabus and the actual content of the course. That means soon I'll restart sending out the Perl 6 Tricks and Treats that I stopped due to a short project I took upon myself with a dead-line in early June.

Published on 2009-05-22 by Gabor Szabo