Perl booth at LinuxTag Berlin between 9-12 June, 2010

A few days ago my request for a Perl booth at LinuxTag Berlin (June 9-12) was accepted. I am really happy as this was quite a last minute decision. The contact with the organizers was made by Renee Backer when we were at CeBIT. The event is expecting to have about 10,000 visitors which means we will have a lot of opportunities talking to people.


On the previous events we had several people at the booth we called the Perl::Staff. This will be the same this time. So we need people who can be at the booth some of the days part of the day. If you are interested, please add yourself to the coordiantion wiki page on the Perl Foundation wiki.

If you don't know what is expected from you at the booth, please talk to us either on the events mailing list or on the events IRC channel. See details on the events coordiantion page.


According to the schedule there are going to be many talks but as far as I know there will be only one Perl related talk this time, given by myself: Automatic testing in the Open Source world and what businesses can learn from them If there are other talks, it would be nice to list them all on our coordination page and to promote them at our booth.


We would like to show both Perl as a language but also specific projects that are more user facing. It would be awesome to show at least one Content Management System, a Wiki, an Issue Tracking System and a Perl IDE. You can guess we already have at least one person from the IDE project who will participate and will spread the word. We also have Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi from Mojolicious.

We would like to show more projects! Your help is needed there too.

Job offers

While the team at the booth is showing Perl and Perl based projects we can also give out a brochure with job offers. So if your company is looking for Perl developers, especially in or around Germany this would be a great opportunity for them to promote their job offers. My estimate is that there will be between 400-1,000 visitors at the Perl booth during the 4 days of the conference, many of them with several years of Perl background. Please tell your boss to contact me.

Promoting Perl consultants, contractors and trainers

As with the job offers the LinuxTag would be a good opportunity for people providing consultation, contract work or training in Perl to promote their services. If you can come and help at the booth that will give you the direct opportunity to also promote yourself.

Even if you cannot participate we can distribute your promotional material or business card. So let me know if you are interested.