Perl Dancer Course

Two days ago, after publishing the first part of the Programming Bootcamp on Leanpub I had an idea to record two video courses: one using Perl Dancer and the other one using Mojolicious. The idea was to record one video of each one of the course every day till Christmas.

Not that it is really relevant to me, but just as many other people use the opportunity to create something every day during Advent I thought it could be a good excuse.

Yesterday I recorded the first 4 episodes of the Dancer course, but I had to realize I'll have a lot of work with this course and it is unlikely I'll be able to handle both course at the same time. So I postponed the Mojolicious corse for next year and now I am going to focus only on Dancer.

You can buy the Perl Dancer course on Leanpub.

You can decide on the price yourself.

Published on 2020-12-05 by Gabor Szabo