Perl Weekly readers and Perl Maven visitors by country

If you ever wondered in which places are Perl developers more active, here is a little piece of the information slice.

On the Perl Maven site there were 92.322 visits between 1 January and 20 March 2013. Most people were interested in the Perl Tutorial and the pages linked from it. 38% of the visitors arrived from the USA, 11.7% from India and 5.46% from the UK.

On the other hand I am using Bitly to track the clicks on the articles in the Perl Weekly newsletter. They let me see the statistics only for 30 days, but I think this is fairly representative to the previous weeks: There were 10.820 clicks (4 issues of the Perl weekly) 36% in the USA, 7.55% in the UK and ... only 1.60% in India.

Let's see the pies:

Perl Maven visitors

Percentage of visitors between 1 January 2013 and 20 March 2013 according to Google Analytics. Pie drawn with Google Chart.

United States   38.02
India           11.68
United Kingdom   5.46
Germany          5.21
Canada           3.66
France           2.68
Israel           2.28
Australia        1.80
Russia           1.51
Netherland       1.51
Spain            1.22
Italy            1.13
Japan            1.04
Sweden           0.96
Singapore        0.96
Brazil           0.96
Poland           0.92
Switzerland      0.86
Czech Republic   0.86
Belgium          0.83
(not set)        2.24
Others          14.21

Perl Weekly

Percentage of clicks on the articles included in the 4 issues between 20 February 2013 and 20 March 2013 as reported by Bitly.

United States     36.33
United Kingdom     7.55
Germany            5.17
Australia          3.04
Canada             2.84
Netherland         2.23
Brazil             1.94
France             1.93
Russia             1.73
Norway             1.67
India              1.60
Spain              1.32
Portugal           1.26
Italy              1.17
Japan              1.09
Poland             1.03
Austria            0.86
Ukraine            0.86
Belgium            0.84
Israel             0.81
Unknown           20.88
Others             3.85

There is a big gap in the numbers of the Perl Weekly. Apparently Bitly does not recognize the location of over 20% of the visitors compared to 2.24% "not set" for Google.

Published on 2013-03-22 by Gabor Szabo

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