Perl Devroom at FOSDEM 2011 - call for talk proposals

A couple of days ago our request for a Perl devroom was accepted by the FOSDEM organizers. This means we are going to have a room on Sunday, 6th February from 9:00-17:00 where we can organize Perl related talks. The room has 72 seats and the expected number of visitors of FOSDEM is around 5,000.

In 2010 I enjoyed FOSDEM very much and we had a modest presence of Perl hackers. This time we have a much better chance to show off with the new developments of Perl. Both Perl 5 and Perl 6.

We are responsible of the content but as far as I know we don't have an application to handle all the talk submissions. So for now I'd like to see people sending their talk proposals to the TPF events mailing list. Details of the mailing list can be found on events page.

Looking at the schedule of the devrooms in 2010 tells me they don't have breaks between talks. I'd rather plan for a few minutes of break between the talks that might give time for people to move around and if a speakers takes a few minutes longer to finish it won't delay the whole schedule. So I think the talks should be 13-25-40 length and they will get 15-30-45 min slots including the breaks.

So go ahead, start planning on attending FOSDEM and giving a talk there. Please send you proposal to the events mailing list.

The planning of our presence will take place on the FOSDEM 2011 events page.

Published on 2010-11-02 by Gabor Szabo