Perl Ecosystem Group

Finally it is happening. Renee Baecker and myself have established the Perl Ecosystem Group.

See also the German announcement.

We have several items on our agenda such as

  • Helping companies to be better connected to the Perl community.
  • Helping companies to find more good Perl developers.
  • Channelling funds from companies to the Perl community.
  • Promoting Perl and Perl based open source projects.
  • Financially helping the development of Perl and Perl based projects. (e.g. by organizing hackathons)
  • Making it easier to finance development and maintenance of specific CPAN modules or Perl projects via bug-bounties and development-bounties.
  • Organizing Perl training sessions in various places in the world by well known Perl trainers.
  • Helping companies to enhance the quality of Perl code via use of Perl::Critic and other tools.
  • Establish Perl as an approved language by many of leading corporations in the world.

In short, we have a lot of things to do.

The financing of all these activities will come from member companies and from one-off sponsorship of specific activities by companies and individuals.

We already have 3 Small Business members: Uri Bruck, Jonathan Hogue and Oded S. Resnik from Raz Information System

I'd like to thank them a lot their trust in what we are doing.

Call for help

If you agree with our goals and the way we are doing it we will need your help.

If you run a business heavily relying on Perl, we would like to see you among our members and sponsors. (e.g. Perl consultants, trainers etc.)

If you work at a company that relies on Perl, we would like to get in touch with the managers there. (e.g. team leader, VP RnD, CTO). Even if they don't want to jump and sponsor our activities right away, we would like to be in touch with them so we can learn what are they unfulfilled needs from the Perl community?

Published on 2010-11-05 by Gabor Szabo