Perl in 2011

There were a number of very good posts about Perl in 2010. Dan Wright wrote about the activities of The Perl Foundation in 2010. Garu, from the Onion Stand wrote about 2010 filled with Perl. chromatic added The Best of Perl 2010.

Moritz Lenz had his own entry about Perl 6 in 2010 and Renee Baecker wrote about his year in Perl (in German).

Karen Pauley, the president of The Perl Foundation wrote about Perl 2010.

There were at least two Japanese blog entries as well. One on the Islands in the byte stream and the other one by tokuhirom.

so let me focus on the future.

What is going to happen in 2011?

There are going to be the general things Rakudo and Perl 6 making further progress. Moose and the whole Modern Perl idea gaining further momentum.


The Perl Ecosystem Group will run a survey based on the TPF survey from 2010 enhancing it in several ways. Soon I'll write about it more.

Between 14-16 the Perl Oasis will take place in Orlando, Florida. There is going to be a full-day Moose training on Friday. Three tracks of talks on Saturday and a hackathon on Sunday There are a number of talks I'd really like to see. I hope they will be offered at YAPC::NA as well.

Between 18-19 the Plat Forms contest will take place in Nürnberg in Germany. There are 3 Perl teams among the 16 teams. I wish the teams good luck. see details.

The Linux Conf Australia is going to be between 24-29 in Brisbane. I found one Perl related talk in their schedule by Jacinta. I wonder if there are more.


On the 4th there are going to be two Perl classes just before Frozen Perl which is going to be on the 5th in University of Minnesota's McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis, MN.

FOSDEM is between 5-6 in Brussels, Belgium. There is going to be a Perl booth on both days and a Perl dev-room on the 6th. We are still working on the content but it seems there are going to be a number of good talks. A clear improvement for the Perl community from last year.

On the 12th Linux Informationstag Oldenburg will take place in, well, Oldenburg in Germany. There is going to be a Perl booth run by Renee Baecker. see details.

SCALE - Annual Southern California Linux Expo is between 25-27 in Los Angeles, California. The schedule is not published yet but a number of Perl talks were submitted and there is going to be a Perl booth. see details.


CeBIT is between 1-5. Unlike last year when we got a free booth there, this year we skipped the event. We might visit the fair just to have meeting with companies using Perl but we will have to prepare something bigger for next year.

The Dutch Perl Workshop is on the 5th in The Hague.

The Chemnitzer Linux-Tage is between 19-20 in Chemnitz, Germany. There is going to be a Perl booth and several Perl talks have been submitted. see details

POSSCON, the Palmetto Open Source Software Conference is in Columbia, SC between 23-25. So far I don't know if there is going to be any Perl presence there but from their web site it seems to be a good place to give a few high-level talks.

OSDC Taiwan is between 26-27. As I understand last year there was a significant Perl presence. The Call for papers for next year is open already and in fact the dead-line is in 2 weeks.

The Open Source Days in Copenhagen are planned for March but don't have a fixed date yet.


Grazer Linux Tag is on the 9th, in Graz, Austria.

Infotec is between 19-20 in Omaha, Nebraska.

LinuxFest Northwest starts on the 30 April and ends on the 1st May in Bellingham, Washington. It looks cool. It would be nice to see a few Perl hackers giving talks there.

Perl 5.14 is also expected to be released in this month.


Solutions Linux France in Paris 10-12. It would be nice to have some Perl presence here too.

Linux Tag in Berlin, Germany is beteen 11-15. Last year we had a Perl booth there and I gave two talks. This year we should repeat the booth but fill it with more content and have more talks. Coordination page.

13-15 are the dates of YAPC::Russia (May Perl) in Moscow, Russia.


SouthEast LinuxFest in Spartanburg, South Carolina will be between 10-12.

The Open Source Bridge will take place between 11-24 in Portland, Oregon.

On the 25 FOSSCON in Rochester, New York.

YAPC::NA will be in Asheville, North Carolina between 27-29


Between 9-14 LSM - Libre Software Meeting in Strasbourg, France.

This year Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) will be in Vienna, Austria between 15-17.

DebConf in Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 24-30.

OSCON in its usual place in Portland, Oregon closes the month between 25-29.


YAPC::Europe will be held between 15-17 in Riga, Latvia.

LinuxCon North America will be in Canada between 17-19.


The Italian Perl Workshop will be held in Torino this year between the 8-9.


There are going to be other events as well but most of them have not been scheduled yet. There is a list of them on the events page on the TPF Wiki. On many of the events the Perl Ecosystem Group will organize some presence or help others financially in order to make it easier for people to setup a Perl booth or to organize a hackathon.