Perl in your language

I envy the PHP web site where they have links to the translations of their documentation. Even though it is not linked from the main page they seem to accept that not everyone knows English well enough. In the Perl community we cold actually do much better than that.

On or maybe even on and on we could have a list of languages on the left hand side - similar to the way Wikipedia has - all linked to a single page in that language.

That starting page of each language could contain links to the major Perl resources in that language such as

  • Localized documentation (translation of perldoc or home made documentations)
  • Tutorials
  • Localized Perl Community: Forums, Mailing list, IRC channels in the specific language
  • Perl Monger groups (I know there is also the list on the Perl Mongers website so this might not be that important here.)
  • Books published in the specific language.

I have started to collect some information on the TPF wiki under the name International Perl Resources but ultimately it is you, who speaks the language, who needs to put together this information.

At one point we can move all the information to a separate page (e.g. Hebrew) and then we can use the community adserver (as mentioned in One-liners to promote Perl) to promote that page in the countries where that language is used.

Please, take the time, edit that page and add information about the Perl resource in your language.

Published on 2009-09-22 by Gabor Szabo