Perl Maven - July 2014

July started out as a productive month, but I was also on vacation with my family. As in July I am running a course in Germany, I had to update my Test Automation using Perl slides. The war with Hamas, and the stuff that came through the news and the social media was also very disturbing. To say the least. In the end I published less Perl Maven videos than I expected.


Perl Maven Pro

I started July by an advanced testing article and screencast on mocking functions to fake environment.

Then, as I started to update Test Automation using Perl material, I recorded a series of testing videos from the beginning of the course:

Then I had to stop. These articles take a lot of time to write, and I had to finish the slides before the course that will take place next week in Germany. But don't worry, I'll continue the recording.

Perl Maven free

As I mentioned, I did not have much time this month, so I could only publish two items for the general public:

A collection of my testing related articles and screencasts, and a screencast on fetching data from YouTube using Perl I recorded a few years ago.

Contract development work

I only had 2 days of contract development. My task was to convert the application I wrote for the Mechanical Turk to run on CrowdFlower that was later renamed to Figure Eight and then to Appen.

In the end I only did some research and patched the Python library for CrowdFlower to make it easier for the in-house developer to make the conversion. The API of CrowdFlower was frustrating but in the end I managed to do everything we needed.

Training courses

I ran a 3-days long Beginner Python Programming training course at one of my clients in Jerusalem.


We were in Spain for 10 days visiting Barcelona, Porta Ventura, and the Oceanogràfic in Valencia. It was really good. Yanick took care of Perl Weekly while I was on vacation.

Perl TV

I managed to "feature" 15 videos on the Perl TV. It is not as good as in June, but still not bad if we take in account how little time I had. There was also a German video featured, thanks to Eitan Schuler.


(Links updated when EduMaven was merged into CodeMaven.)

Quite a few slides have been published on the EduMaven site. Most importantly a lot of Test Automation using Perl slides were published and Perl Programming slides have been also extended, but the Python Programming still has the largest number of pages.


I even had a single article posted on this site complaining about bad error messages

Published on 2014-08-09 by Gabor Szabo