Perl Maven - October 2014

After a month of school, in October Rosh HaShana arrived and with it lot of vacation days. This, of course had an impact on my productivity. So it was a bit surprising to see that I managed to publish 21 articles, many with screencasts. It was the second busiest month since I launched the the Perl Maven site.

Maybe it is less surprising as many of the articles and screencasts were already created at the end of September.

Perl Maven Pro

All the Pro screencast were in two series. One of them is about test automation using Perl. 7 screencasts were in that group. (See that page for the full list of articles and screencasts.)

The other one is a new series. It follows the development of a clone using the MetaCPAN API as back-end.

The introduction screencast and article lists all the entries published so far. (3 screencasts in October).

Perl Maven free

The free section of the Perl Maven site also saw a number of articles, some of them with screencasts. Check out the archive if you are interested in the specifics.

In this month I published 11 free articles and 10 Pro articles. 16 of them included screencasts as well.

Perl Weekly

Neil Bowers became an editor of the Perl Weekly and I made some improvement in how the newsletter looks like. Mostly by adding avatars of the current editor and of the authors.


In the first week of October I worked quite a bit on the Code::Maven project, but then due to our vacation I have stopped it and when we came back, and I cleared my desk from the back-log I had I turned my attention to another project that seemed to be a relatively short project. clone

I've started a new open source project. A clone of using the MetaCPAN API as back-end. I had made great progress in the code, and I am also trying to follow it with a series of screencasts and articles available to the Perl Maven Pro subscribers.

The site is available at

I am not at the point where 80% of the application is done and I should finish the remaining 80%. It is a bit overwhelming and I think I am going to write about the feelings soon.


All in all, and taking into account the fact that we spent a week in Hungary and that we had a few more vacation days at home, I managed to do quite well. What I noticed is that if I work ahead and prepare a few articles and screencasts ahead - which means I don't feel the pressure that I need to prepare new ones, I am much more relaxed and much more productive. So it is easier for me to prepare even more articles and screencasts.

Published on 2014-11-02 by Gabor Szabo