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Since I finished my latest big contract in July, I was trying to figure out how to earn a living with more teaching and more writing. By creating valuable content.

I read quite a lot of blogs about business and blogging, and arrived to the conclusion, that I need to separate the technical content of my blog from the other, community related writings.


I think I managed to build quite a good reputation being a Perl trainer here in Israel, and I had a few very successful classes in other countries as well.

Those classes in other countries were mostly filled by luck and the help of some very nice local Perl Mongers. I never invested enough thought on how to drive those training classes to be more regular.

If I think about it, most people in the Perl community are not even aware of my existence, let alone, that I am offering Perl training classes around the world.

So I decided I'll setup a separate domain, move all the Perl related technical content there (with the appropriate redirection) and build that site into the number one source for learning Perl.

Big plans.

I even stopped writing my Perl tutorial as I thought I'll re-launch it on the new site.

The kick

In the meantime, a month ago, Mithaldu started to rant about the sad state of the Perl tutorials that prompted a few blog posts, including one from Dave Cross, who analyzed the top 10 hits for the phrase perl tutorial.

I was happy to note that he found mine worth sharing with others. I had to use this opportunity to restart the writing of my Perl tutorial.

Since then I wrote 15 episodes for the Perl tutorial and 6 other posts.

So what is Perl Maven?

According to the source of all truth a maven is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.

I love this!

I am going to call my new site Perl Maven. Don't click yet!

I still have not managed to build the site.

In the meantime I'll keep posting my writings here, but with the launch of the Beginner Perl Maven video course and the Advanced Perl Maven video course I started to use the name.

That's it.

For now.

Now you can go back and sign up to either of the online video courses.

Published on 2011-11-28 by Gabor Szabo