Perl QA Hackathon 2010

The Perl QA-Hackathon in Vienna just starter a few hours ago. Most of the people actually arrived yesterday and we met in the near-by Centimeter where ate and drank quite well as you can see.

Already at the breakfast table I got some really good ideas from the other people implementing a wysiwyg-like feature for Padre.

At the Hackathon itself first people introduced themselves and said a few words about the projects they are planning to work on. Personally I have two unrelated issues. I'd like to play with the new Archos 5 internet tablet that runs Android and see how can I put Perl on it and how can I use the Perl on it for testing other applications. I started to collect some information and links on Perl on Android.

The other project is about a tool to allow writing tests by non-programmers. I'd like to move this forward and get help from the other people here both in the concept and in implementing some of the features. I explained the idea to Ovid who directed me to this video about literate functional testing.

Published on 2010-04-10 by Gabor Szabo