Perl stand at FOSDEM in Belgium

I have just received an e-mail from the organizers of FOSDEM that my request for a Perl stand was accepted. This means we are going to have a table on the two days of FOSDEM (Saturday and Sunday, 6-7 February 2010) where we can present Perl and related projects.

We need to ensure there are always people at the stand, that we have material to hand out. We have to make sure projects that can be interesting to people who are not (yet) Perl developers are well represented. I hope The Perl Foundation will finance some interesting give-aways.

There were a couple if ideas we discussed with Karen Pauley and Salve J. Nilsen. For example the wooden round tuits we got on previous YAPCs and the baseball cards the Nordic Perl Workshop organizers handed out.

We also talked about the possibility to prepare a CD or DVD with various Perl projects on it. It could hold a version of Strawberry Perl for Windows or a Virtual Box image holding installed versions of several projects or the same but in a bootable image format. Something like Perl Virtual Appliances.

Very soon we are going to have a mailing list to coordinate the Perl presence on this and other events. I'll announce the creation of the list. In the meantime if you are planning to come to FOSDEM and would like to represent a project or if you just would like to participate in the organization please let me know by sending and e-mail to me.