Perl Testing training class at the London Perl Workshop

Mark Keating has just announced that Net-A-Porter is sponsoring my visit to the London Perl Workshop on 12 November 2011.

I am going to provide a 4 hour long training session called Perl Testing.

Here are the details:

Perl Testing

If you are changing a piece of code and cannot easily test it, it is like driving blind-folded on the wrong side of the road. Not very comforting.

When you are starting a new project it is easy to write lots of tests as you go along. Either before you write the code or after. When you are dropped in an existing project, one that might already be in production, you have a much more difficult task. In this 4 hour session we will take a look at both cases and we will have an initial understanding on how to avoid going crazy while satisfying the requirements of your boss or client.

  1. Introduction to TAP - the Test Anything Protocol.
  2. Testing tools in Perl for testing Perl Modules (Test::Simple, Test::More).
  3. Writing unit tests for new code.
  4. What does test coverage mean, how to generate it and how to use it?
  5. Testing web applications.
  6. Testing command line applications.
  7. White box testing, black box testing and what's in between.

Most of the time will be spent as a lecture but if you bring your computer you will be able to do some hands on exercises as well.

The course is based on the QA Test Automation using Perl class.

What now?

I still have to buy my flight ticket and reserve a hotel room and think how do I make this trip really worth the money Net-A-Porter pays and the time I spend.

What do you suggest?