The Perl Weekly newsletter reaches 3000 subscribers

It is time for celebration.

Yesterday the Perl Weekly newsletter reached 3000 subscribers!

In addition, there are 430 RSS subscribers, 259 followers on Twitter, 587 people put the Perl Weekly in their Google+ circle and 123 people liked it on Facebook.

I have been very busy in the past few weeks. I had several training classes, we had the Passover holidays and an old client also called me to do some Perl scripting stuff for them. This left little time for writing and publishing articles or promoting the Perl Weekly.

Nevertheless there is a page I already prepared with some logos and buttons.

If you'd like to help promoting the Perl Weekly, there are the images I prepared. It would be lovely to see some of these on other sites as well.

Reader initiatives

A few weeks ago I noticed the news page of the Dutch Perl Mongers has a big Perl Weekly logo. That's lovely! Thank you!

Then there is the programming site of Tudor Constantin. Apparently he got so enthusiastic about being featured in the Perl Weekly that he created a bunch of Perl Weekly Ribbons and put one on his web site.

These are great things and I am very grateful.

Thank you!

Published on 2012-04-13 by Gabor Szabo