Perl 5 Maven and Perl 6 Maven

In the last couple of days I was quite busy but if you are following my blog you have not seen anything happening.

I set up the new Perl 6 Maven site and the almost new Perl 5 Maven site.

Started to move over the Perl 6 related material to the Perl 6 Maven site and not surprisingly the Perl 5 related materials to the Perl 5 Maven. For every page I move, I add a redirector, so links hopefully won't be broken on but for a while there will be lots of cross-link, till I manage to move all the pages.

I have also started to add new content to both sites.

On the Perl 6 site, I even included the documentation of the available Perl 6 modules. We'll see where does that lead us.

Both sites have newsletters. If you are interested in the posts I am publishing there, please remember to sign up to the respective lists.

Published on 2012-07-06 by Gabor Szabo