Perl 6

Many people hope that Perl 6 one day will be so good that it can replace Perl 5 but for now Perl 6 remains a dream or a research project. It is interesting to learn if you are doing it for fun but it is not yet ready for customer facing production environments.

For that recent versions of Perl 5 are recommended. At least 5.10 but preferably 5.12 or even 5.14.

I have an irregular mailing list Perl 6 Tricks and Treats where I send out various examples in Perl 6.

I am offering a Perl 6 training course. (That's on the Perl 6 Maven site already). Various version of this class have already been given in Norway, Portugal and Italy. If you would like you employees to be trained in Perl 6, I'd be happy to offer on-site classes in almost any place on the globe.

My Perl 6 related blog entries.

In addition there are a growing number of screencasts about Perl 6:


  1. Perl 6 - part 1 - scalars
  2. Perl 6 - part 1.5 - IRC channel, using Perl 6 online
  3. Perl 6 - part 2 - arrays
  4. Perl 6 - part 3 - arrays and ranges
  5. Perl 6 - part 4 - files
  6. Perl 6 - part 5 - hashes
  7. Perl 6 - part 6 - subroutines
  8. Writing an HTTP Server in Perl 6
Part 1.5 was prepared after part 4 but better viewed after the first part. Hence the numbering

External Perl 6 related pages

A start page for Perl 6.
Rakudo the Perl 6 implementation that runs on the Parrot virtual machine.
Padre, the Perl IDE that also has Perl 6 support.

Need help with Perl 6 ?

If you have already used IRC then this information should be enough for you: #perl6 on

If you have not used IRC before you can try this web based client:

Click on this link, type in some nick-name and you will get on to the #perl6 IRC channel
there go ahead and type "hello, I am new to IRC and new to Perl 6 and I need some help".
Unless you are very unlucky there will be people around to help you.

Screencast on how to use the Perl 6 IRC channel.

Other, Perl 5 related pages.