Perl 6 and Perl 5 training classes around YAPC::EU in Pisa

Just a reminder that there are going to be a number of training courses on the days before and after YAPC::EU. (2,3 and 7 August).

The detailed list can be found on the web site of YAPC::Europe as linked above.

Trainers include Dave Cross, Dave Rolsky, Matt S. Trout , Herbert Breunung, brian d foy and myself. In order of appearance. Prices range between 150-220 Euro which are way lower than the prices these people normally charge when they do corporate training. It's a bargain.

Rakudo * and Perl 6

My main interest is of course the Perl 6 training I am going to teach. I want to making sure it gives something that is really interesting and worth the money.

The timing is good as Rakudo * (a "usable Perl 6") will be released on July 29, just a few days before YAPC::EU.

There are going to be several Perl 6 related talks in the regular schedule:

I'll try to make sure that on one hand people who attended these talk will not get the same material twice on the other hand those who don't attend the Perl 6 related talks will not miss anything. It will be an interesting exercise.

I am also happy that Patrick Michaud, the pumking and lead developer of Rakodo will also be in the class. As in previous occasions in Oslo and Lisbon I am sure it will be fun.

If you are interested please register now.

Published on 2010-07-09 by Gabor Szabo