Perldoc translations

One of the ways to ease the learning of Perl for those the none English speakers is to have translated documentations and tutorials for them. Even if they know English it is easier if they don't have to learn something in a foreign language. We already have some of the Perl documentation translated to a few languages but IMHO they have not received enough attention.

So let me announce the first version of

I'd like to thank Tiago Stock, the owner of that domain who let me use it for the advancement of Perl.

My plan is to help the people who would like to have a translated version of the Perl documentation available on the web.

Currently there are two sites the French and the Italian version.

The site is built using the code that John Allen wrote for the previous version of and released more than half a year ago.

Still many features of the original site are missing but I did not want to wait more with the announcement. I hope some people will be interested and start to improve the code so we can have all the features back soon. The code is now on Github. Please fork it.

The documentations themselves are maintained by other people. I am just using the packages released in the POD2::* namespace.