split into two

Recently I discovered that there is another site with many Open Source related companies and another one which is "Linux" oriented. Whatever that means.

It is strange I have not seen them earlier, but I guess I have not searched for them with the correct terms. Probably I have not searched at all. I was too focused on just Perl companies and then when I stared to broaden the list of technologies I have not looked around.

It should have not surprised me as creating such a directory isn't a very original idea. So I got a bit frustrated. Shall I go on with this directory? Shall I return to the original idea and list only Perl courses and only Perl Training companies? Do I really need to invest energy in this web site? After all I don't think I will make any money out of it and the service it provides exists in those other sites. Probably much better that what I can ever offer.

But it is actually fun. I have not been writing in PHP for a long time and while it is not my favorite language I think I can learn things from writing in it now. If nothing else I can learn much better how to test such sites.

Besides I get in touch with many other trainers while adding them to the directory. I like this personal contact, even if only via e-mail.


I have been working on the site for some time now again. It has improved a lot - thought the GUI is still very ugly - but the code behind it has improved. It is much more maintainable.

As I have started to let companies list course in other open source technologies as well and not only in Perl, I though it would be better to have a separate web site for all the courses and keep only the Perl related courses on the site.

So I made the code configurable. The default is to show all the companies and all the courses on the Open Source Training Directory ( while on show only Perl Training Courses.

(Since then both of those were closed.)