Perl Weekly - The first 5 years

On 1st August 2011, exactly 5 years ago, the first edition of the Perl Weekly newsletter was published. Since then we have published 6,676 articles by 248 authors in 262 issues. The number of subscribers grew to 6,196. The number of Twitter followers is 2,072.

Let's celebrate!

Thanks to the editors

Let me thank to Yanick Champoux and Neil Bowers who put together many of the issues.

Thanks to the authors

Without you there would not be content to publish. Keep up the good work of writing about Perl and how it is used in the world.

Thanks to the readers

Without the readers it would not make much sense to publish this newsletter and without the encouragement of the readers we would not have the energy to collect and curate the articles and to put them together in a newsletter.

A little history

Here are the articles I've written earlier about the Perl Weekly:

Support your authors!

One of my hopes is that the readers of the Perl Weekly will help further distribute the articles they have read. In order to encourage this I've included Twitter, Facebook and Google+ buttons next to each article. This is quite important. Authors who get good feedback or even just see that their articles were shared by several people will write more articles. So if you have something nice to say about an article do that as a comment on the post or in any of the social networks you use.

Support the Perl Weekly!

If you are an author who had an article included in the Perl Weekly, brag about it. Consider including a link to the Perl Weekly. You can even put a badge of honor (created by Tudor Constantin) on your articles linking to the Perl Weekly.

If you are a reader. Share the link to the latest edition. Recommend the newsletter to you co-workers. If you can, get your company sponsor the Perl Weekly.