Plans with Rust

I have been investing more and more in Rust in the recent months. It might be time to formulate a plan. A more well defined plan.

Or at least collect my thoughts on the topic.


  • Keep writing blog posts for the Rust Maven site. At least 3 every week, but better more.

  • Keep adding examples to the Rust slides. Improve the slide generator to make more SEO friendly pages. (e.g. include descriptions, keywords, etc.). Improve how the slides look like.


  • Rust Digger. Once a week write and publish a report on my progress with the most up to date data. Send more pull-requests to Crate developers mentioning the Rust digger.

  • Rust Maven SSG - Static Site Generator - Make it more SEO friendly. Add all the features needed to replace the code-base of the Code Maven and Perl Maven sites. Use it for my other projects as well. Make it useful for other people as well.

  • Banner Builder - this project was extracted from the SSG.

  • SEO Site Checker - Work on a program that would analyze web sites reporting things about their SEO-readiness. Start using this process on my own sites and on a few sites that are really good at SEO.

  • Visitor logger. A stand-alone project to collect information about visitors to my web sites.


  • Improve the images used for the social networks.

  • Post in the Israeli Rust groups on Telegram and Discord.

  • Post some of the updates on Reddit.

  • Post some of the updates in the Rust groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Every few days send out an email to the Rust Maven newsletter including information about the new articles, new slides, and new information about my projects.

  • Every week add at one or more links to the This Week in Rust newsletter about the various Rust-related projects I am working on.