Plat_Forms Perl teams

A bit late reporting but the Plat Forms contest that will take place in Nürnberg in Germany between 18-19 January has announced the list of teams. I know, it happened almost a month ago.

Hopefully all the Perl teams are preparing themselves. I know that the team called Perl Ecosystem Group has some discussions about the technologies they might use.

There are 3 Perl teams among the 16 teams accepted. There are also 4-4-4 PHP, Java and Ruby teams and one JavaScript team. Other languages, most notably Python and .NET are not represented.

It will be very interesting to see how much will the task be related to real world problems or current buzzwords and how much the various languages - and the teams of the languages - are prepared to solve those problems?

In the previous contest in 2007 the biggest issue the Perl teams faced was the lack of SOAP and WSDL support in Perl. Since then it seems there are some WSDL related modules on CPAN and SOAP support has also improved but mostly the world have moved away from WSDL.

Is REST the current buzzword? Is it still using XML or now JSON with a JavaScript front-end?

We'll find out soon what the organizers thought about it.

I wish the teams good luck. see details.