Podcasts and conferences

Originally the plan was to create some kind of a database where it would be easy for me to check if a given person was on any of the podcasts.

I also wanted to make it easy to look-up the list of recorded presentations of that person.

That could turn into something similar to the PerlTV just more popular. I found there is a site called PyVideo that is quite similar to the PerlTV just for Python. I have not found other similar sites.

I think the idea to collect the conference videos brought me the idea of the list of future conferences as well.

So what is the plan now?

  • Collect the list of conferences with the primary focus on future events.
  • Collect the list of video recordings from these conferences. Probably avoiding the videos from pyvideo.org or somehow integrating those.
  • Collect the podcasts and the episodes of the podcasts.
  • Have a list of people that can be used by the last two sites.