Preparing for the QA Hackathon in Oslo

So in less than a week, on the 1st April I am flying to Oslo for the QA Hackathon which takes place between 5-7 April. In addition to the Hackathon, I am also going to teach a training class called QA Automation using Perl which will be held between 2-4 April.

Ever since we agreed to this training class with the organizers I have been working on my materials. I had plenty of plans on how to improve my slides and this seemed like a good opportunity to implement them. Well, at least some of them.

I have also heard from other Perl trainers but it seems to be true for me as well. You need to invest about 8 hours of development time in one hour of real training. I usually don't have such a huge investment up-front but then after every class I invest more time in improving my slides.

I added at least 2 more chapters this time, clean up a lot of my examples, added some exercises and I am still not done. Anyway, soon I'll have to wrap it up.

After the course I am going to join some of the most central people in the Perl world who create many of the tools I am teaching in my class. There are many plans. I hope to find some people who will help me work on my pet projects too.

I'd be glad to work on CPANTS with Thomas Klausner as I think it can help a lot improving the general quality of the Perl modules. Then there is the CPAN::Porters issue, especially collecting the statistics from the various distros can have a good impact on the ease of use of Perl.

So I am quite excited about the coming week.

Published on 2008-03-26 by Gabor Szabo