Yesterday I went to buy a disk-on-key. first I checked on the web-site Office Depot where I found a Sandisk ,Cruzer Micro, U3 8GB for 120 NIS (~ 30 USD).

I said ok, I don't have much time too fool around with these things and even though it might be a bit more expensive I'll buy that.

As I also had to go to the bank I did that first. If I am already there I went into the local shop selling cameras and memories for cameras. I thought just so I can say I checked multiple source I'll ask there.

No problem, the guy was just placing the newly arrived disk-on-keys on the shelves. Same brand, same capacity. 160 NIS.

Great, so now I know the 120 NIS is a good deal.

Then as I went back to my car I remembered another little computer shop at the lower floor. I know it is expensive but I figured if I get another such high price I'll really feel well with the 120 NIS.

The same device was 90 NIS there.

That makes 70 NIS (~ 18 USD) difference between the two floors. About 26 stairs.


By Mohsen Basirat from Iran