Programming Bootcamp - available online

I've recorded the Programming Bootcamp for Scientists video course in September-October and used it as the material for a course. Finally I found a home for it where it will be easy to sell it as a stand-alone course.

It is on Leanpub now: at Programming Bootcamp.

As a start I've enabled 13 out of the 42 videos, that's about 30% and I am giving a deep discount for the early birds. Within a few days I am going to update the material and enable all of the videos and then the price will also be the full price as you can see on the Leanpub site.

I am really glad I could do this as I wanted to be able to sell stand-alone courses.

Now that I know how to do the distribution and the sales I can go back and start recording other courses as well. There are quite a few I am planning to record.

Published on 2020-12-03 by Gabor Szabo