Promoting Padre using Social networks

Padre is getting better by every release, but many people have not heard of it yet. It needs some promotion so I am wondering which one of the social networks and other tools could be used for this?

Blogging about it certainly helps. Submitting those posts to Reddit also has its impact and there are number of other ways. In any case it is you who can make the difference.

If you are using Padre already or if you think the Perl world would be better off if people used a Perl aware editor instead of Notepad++ and other generic programmers editors or even if you just think that the whole idea of building an open source IDE for Perl in Perl is a good cause, consider spending a few minutes in helping promoting it.

Some of the things you can do:

Mark yourself as a user of Padre on Ohloh (there are 24 users currently).

Subscribe to Padre on Freshmeat (there are now 16 subscriptions).

Join the Padre group on LinkedIn (there are currently 17 members).

I recently setup a Padre group on Facebook (there is 1 member now :-). and Padre page of Facebook where you can become a fan. (thanks to Bogdan Lucaciu)

I even setup a Twitter account for Padre you can follow.

I tried to search for a Perl IDE on Google. Padre was in 8th place with the site being number 5. It is not bad but moving up the ladder would be nice. So if you have a web site, consider linking to Padre or to from there.

Just to give it a shot I tried to search for Perl IDE on Bing as well. It shows on 3rd place and on the 9th place but is only number 15.

After doing all the above, let me know, what other ways do you think Padre could be promoted?

Published on 2009-12-06 by Gabor Szabo