Promoting Perl: GitPrep

I hear people talk about the lack of Perl programmers available.

I hear people talk about the lack of Perl jobs.

I hear people say you should not promote Perl, but products based on Perl.

So what is GitPrep?

GitPrep is an Open Source GitHub clone written in Perl, using the Mojolicious web framework.

It is not alone. There are other open source GitHub clones written in other languages.

The question, can you help this project to gain enough traction to have tens of thousands of installation bringing the message that You can build modern and beautiful web applications in Perl!

Of course it won't be enough just to build it, it will need to be promoted as well, but I already had the chance to cover it at The ChangeLog, and I'll probably be able to cover it again when it reaches some interesting milestone.

Mojolicious for Perl Mavens

As a related note, recently I started a series of articles about Mojolicious.

Available to Perl Maven Pro subscribers.