Promoting Strawberry Perl for Windows

A few weeks ago Andy Lester suggested to Promote Perl 6 by saying "Perl 5". It's a pity most of the comments had to deal with the "Perl 6 is vaporware" meme. It is about as mature as calling Perl dead.

Anyway, the other day I searched for Perl for Windows an noticed that Strawberry Perl is not in the top 10. So while I know the number of downloads for Strawberry Perl is growing I guess many people still don't find it.

One of the reasons for this I guess is that we always just refer to it as Strawberry Perl and hardly mention the fact that it is for Windows. So I also would like to have a suggestions. If you mention Strawberry Perl in a blog or on a web site, please link to it as

Strawberry Perl for Windows

In time it will help get it to a higher position.

Thank you.

Published on 2009-07-19 by Gabor Szabo