Rain and Skishoes

After two days of very strong winds and sandstorm the rain has finally arrived. Directly in our living room. We woke up late in the morning and found that the rain came in through the door of the balcony.

After opening the window shutter I found out that there was at lest 50 mm rain, well above the average for one night. I know that as our balcony turned into a 5 cm deep swimming pool.

I wanted to resolve the issue quickly but did not know what shoes to wear that won't get wet. Then I remembered I have a pair of very old ski-shoes in the cupboard. I wanted to throw them out several times already as I have not used them for 10 or maybe 15 years but now they came very handy.

So I put them on and stepped out to the balcony.


One of them broke into pieces immediately. The other one lasted for several minutes while I managed to open the drain and sweep most of the water to it.

Here, some evidence:

After a rainy night

The remains of my skiiboots

Published on 2010-12-13 by Gabor Szabo