Rehovot Perl Mongers: Lacuna Expanse

The next meeting of the Rehovot Perl Mongers will take place next Tuesday, 12 October 2010. As I have been playing Lacuna Expanse for the past 5 days I'll show you how to program it using Perl.

After introducing the game we'll go over the not-yet-released client that Steffen Mueller wrote trying to figure out what it does and how does it do it? We'll see OOP (Object Oriented Perl), usage of [dist://JSON::RPC::Common] of Yuval Kogman, [dist://YAML::Any], [dist://Class::XSAccessor] and maybe some other stuff. We will write unit tests for the code.

I'll assume basic to intermediate Perl knowledge so if you are relatively new to Perl this can be a good opportunity to learn some more advanced techniques. Or at least to play the game a bit.

Details of the meeting can be found on the web site of the Rehovot Perl Mongers.

If you'd like to come prepared then create an empire on Lacuna Expanse and follow the in-game tutorial.