Restarting is hard

It is strange but it is true. At least for me. Restarting is hard.

For a while I have been writing 3-4 times a week, but in recent months I got so busy with work at clients, with traveling and with various other stuff, that I did not have the peace of mind to post articles.

I launched the Perl Maven site with the Perl Maven cookbook, but only posted 2 articles and have not even linked them from the main page yet. It does not even have an RSS reader, though it has several hundred subscribers.

So now, that I am back from YAPC::NA 2012, I got a call from my client telling me they are delaying my contract for a while. So now I have no immediate work.

On one hand this is bad. This means I don't have income. On the the other hand, as I wrote earlier this makes me happy. Even though I liked the work at this client, I am happy that I can now focus on other things.

Such as fixing the bug tracking system of Padre, that has been down for a while. Moving all the other sites to new servers. Improving my training materials and starting to publish articles again.

And getting more training clients.

Actually I already got two call for training. One in Europe, the other one in Israel.

Why no articles?

I have not published anything recently as I kept delaying it. But why?

Every time I sat down to write something I felt I'd like to write something important. After such a break, I need something big.

Of course, the deeper the article is, the more time it requires to think it over, research it and write it down.

But every time I tried, I only had very limited uninterrupted time.

I probably should have written just short articles, but it is easy to theorize. Much harder to implement.

The thing is. For every article I need a few hours of uninterrupted time to write something.

Even this one. Though this does not need that much time as a technical article, but I still need to focus.

So what's now?

I got home from YAPC::NA being very enthusiastic about Perl 6 again. I am not sure why exactly. I just heard one little talk from Patrick Michaud where he pointed out two things.

The 10-fold speed improvement of Rakudo in the last year and the fact they plan to provide backward compability or at least an easy upgrade path within Rakudo. The wording was strong deprecation policy.

That's awesome. Combine that with the fact that I am going to post all my Perl 5 related technical articles on the new Perl Maven site. I think I can start playing with Perl 6 again. I can start writing articles and update my Perl 6 material.

I planned to keep those on this web site but I am not sure now. Maybe I should set up a separate web site for all the Perl 6 related technical content and leave only the meta posts - like this one - on my personal site. What about "Perl 6 Maven"?

Any suggestions?