Runkeeper 5,000 km

I just got an e-mail from Runkeeper that I tracked more than 5,000 km with them.

As you might know from my monthly reports I have been walking quite a lot recently and using Runkeeper to track my walks. A couple of years ago I was also biking and as I recall there were a few occasions when I used Runkeeper to log my downhill skiing as well. Sometimes that even included the use of the ski-lift.

So these 5,000 kms are not just walking, but it is still quite a lot.

On the other hand recently I have started to use Wikiloc to track my hikes and those are not included even though those tend to be longer than my walks.

I tried to see how much would that be on a map. So I checked on Google maps how much is the waling distance between Modiin, Israel the city where I live and Budapest, Hungary, the city where I was born.

It offered me a 2,800 km long walk with 18,400 meter elevation gain that would take me 520 hours, or slightly more than 21 days if I walked non-stop.

The route goes through Lebanon because sure one could just walk in to Lebanon from Israel and also leave alive, but then instead of crossing Syria it took a ferry from Tripoli, Lebanon to Silifke, Turkey and then, surprisingly, another ferry over the Sea of Marmara.

I like walking and several times I thought I should try the Israel National Trail which is 1,015 km long according to the Wikipedia page. (The driving distance between the two end-points is 500 km and the straigh line is less than 450 km.)

At a pace of 20 km / day that would take almost 2 months.

Oh and I just found the list of Trail's Angels (in Hebrew). That's good to have in case I do the hike or at least parts of the hike.

At the end probably I am just dreaming out of my air-conditioned room.