First Rust crate (rustatic) released!

I am sure there are tons of similar solutions, but this is mine. This is mine and I can tweak it the way I like. And anyway it was really easy to create my first Rust Crate.

rustatic is a web server for static site primarily intended to be used while developing static web sites. I have a number of such sites and every time I have a different solution in the given programming language. After all I can't expect a Perl developer to use a Python-based tool or vice verse.

Primarily because they would not have the toolchain installed and would not know how to install the tool.

However with Rust I'll be able to create a stand-alone executable that one will be able to download and install easily.

Even if no-one except me uses it, it will be already great if I won't have to repeat this thing several times.

Source code is on GitHub.