MetaCPAN vs

Based on the Google Analytics data of and MetaCPAN

Data for the period of March 20, 2016 - March 20, 2017 describing where do visitors arrive from in percentage of the total number of visits during that period:

  Organic Search    81.18 %           36.34 %
  Direct             8.54 %           15.58 %
  Referral           7.77 %           40.26 %
  Social             2.51 %            7.81 %

An in absolute numbers:

  Organic Search    4,440 K           694 K
  Direct              467 K           298 K
  Referral            425 K           769 K
  Social              137 K           149 K
  TOTAL:            5,469 K         1,910 K

74% of the total visits arrive to search.cpan org and 26% to MetaCPAN.

So a much bigger % of people arrive to the old and closed-source interface of CPAN via random search than by any other mean.

Interesting still more people go directly to than to MetaCPAN. At least some of these people do that because they don't know about MetaCPAN. I've just encountered a company where few were even aware of MetaCPAN.

See also the number of visits to CPAN throuought they years.

Published on 2017-03-21 by Gabor Szabo