Self destruct

A clear sign when you are addicted is that it is hard to quit. I tried already 3 times to stop playing Lacuna Expanse but every time I was dragged in again to keep playing.

I started an empire called Syzygy two weeks ago. I helped it build power generators, ore mines, a variety of food supplies. I was in the top 50 empires with 3 planets and about to send out a colonial ship to a remote planet to gain foothold there too. It is very hard not to see through what will happen to this world but ...

... but I pressed the self-destruct. The big red bomb was turned on and in less than 24 hours all that I built will be gone.

Unless of course my weakness takes control and I go back and turn off self-destruct.

Published on 2010-10-20 by Gabor Szabo