I help companies develop better software with faster release cycles.

Some call it DevOps, some think it is about solving technical issues, but there is more to it.

Most companies reach me because they need help with automation or with DevOps.

Sometimes they talk about their cloud deployment.

We discuss their needs, I come on board as a consultant and we usually deal with the following (in order of the development process):

  • Improved way of using git (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket).
  • Introducing or improving Test Automation.
  • Setting up Continuous Integration (CI) system. (Jenkins or GitHub Actions, GitLab pipelines, etc).
  • Describing the development, testing, and production environments.
  • Creating Docker images for the development, testing, and deployment process.
  • Setting up Continuous Deliver and Continuous Deployment (CD) to the cloud. (GCP, AWS, Azure, Linode, Digital Ocean, etc.)

Contact me

If you need either of those services, feel free to contact me.

Published on 2021-08-02 by Gabor Szabo