Shall I enable some form of track-back or commenting?

Especially in response to Perl needs is_number and similar functions (nearly built in) several people complained that I don't allow comments or not even trackback and they have to write in their own blog and mail the link to me.

The truth is that my blog is totally home made and I am not sure I am going to change it any time soon. Unless it comes built in with my operating system, but even then I'll need to move my previous entries. On a second thought I can keep the current entries where they are and open a blog on another url, eg. In the longer run it would be probably better than trying to add comments or trackback to the application as currently it does not accept any input from the web. I write my blog entries as pod files and upload them via ssh.

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Ira Abramov (Hebrew)

Published on 2008-10-17 by Gabor Szabo