Shana Tova - New Year's resolution

Every January people decide on their New Year's Resolution on how they are going to change.

As I live in Israel I have an excuse to do it twice. Once in January with all the other people and once on the Jewish New Year. As it was just a couple of weeks ago I think this might be the right time to both wish you Shana Tova to all of you and make some changes.

Finding a better home for some CPAN modules

The big issue is that John McNamara has agreed to take over maintainership of [dist://Spreadsheet::ParseExcel]. This is excellent news as the module is a very important one for many people and John as the author of [dist://Spreadsheet::WriteExcel] is very capable to maintain this module as well.

The other big issue is that Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni agreed to take over [dist://Net::RawIP] that provides data capturing and package creation for the network layer. As he is already maintaining [dist://Net::Pcap] that provides the same capturing functionality just better he will probably simplify Net::RawIP by remove the capturing part and make the package creation part better.

Working on Padre

This is not really new but I took a break from it as I went on vacation with my family. In the next couple of months I plan to work a lot on Padre, the Perl IDE

Working on CPAN::Forum

I should resume my work on CPAN::Forum as it needs lots of improvements.

International Test Automation Training

I would like to strengthen my Test Automation Training offering in both Europe and the USA. I already talked to several people in some of the major European cities and will schedule training classes soon. For that I'll need translation of the above mentioned page in other languages as well. (I already have one in French)


Very urgently I have to resume the organization of OSDC::Israel::2009 or we run out of time and will have to cancel it again.

Test Automation Tips

I'll continue writing my Test Automation Tips and will even increase its frequency as I have many subject I'd like to write about.

That's all I think in my professional life for now.