Videos inviting to the Code-Maven and Perl Maven web sites

On June 4th, 2020, that is almost 2 months ago I recorded a short video explaning a bit about the Code-Maven website and inviting the viewers to follow the YouTube channel.

I dit the same for the Perl Maven site with a video published on May 13, 2020.

The Code-Maven video got 2,800 views, 13% watched the whole 2 minutes, the average view dureation was 0:31, 26.7% of the viewers watch that much. The End screen element click rate was 1% (while the channel average is 2%) they both seem to be very low but I have not comparision.

I gained a total of 3 subscribers.

The Perl Maven video got 1,100 views. 24% watched till the end of the 1:27 min long video. Average view duration was 0:39 and 45.3% of the audience reached it. It does not have the End screen statistics as the video was unlisted and so the end screen did not work. I made the video public now. On July 25, 2020.

It brought 5 new subscribers.


Accroding to Google Lighthouse the embedded YouTube video makes the site load slower. So I looked for a way to avid this problem. I wrote some JavaScript that will add the embedded video only a few seconds after the page was loaded. This solved the loading problem and as this video is at the bottom of each page, the users won't even see it till they scrolled all the way down.

Actually a very small percentage of the site visitors looked at the video and an even smaller percentage subscribed to the YouTube channel.

Either I need to improve the videos, or maybe I should remove them from the site and conclude that this does not work.