Some stats from Google Summer of Code

The Google Summer of Code has a list of accepted organizations. Next to each organization there are a bunch of tags. One can download the all the data as a csv file.

So I looked at the data and grepped it for several keywords.

Here are the results sorted by number of hits.

 python     59
 ' c++'     40
 java,      37
 ' c,'      32
 javascript 32
 php,       24
 perl       17     <---
 linux      14
 sql        11
 ruby        9
 xml         9
 html,       9
 json        4

Counting the word java yields 60 results but that includes javascript as well so I added a comma after the word and counters java,

There are a lot of URLs in the listing that have php in them. counting php gives 45 results but apparently about 20 of those are URLs. That might also mean something.