Resources for learning Spanish

I have been learning Spanish for a few weeks now and during that time I've collected a few resources that I found useful. Some of them are already good for me as a begginner, the other are mostly for when I start to know more.

Some I have not tried myself but might be useful for you.

Duolingo is a web site and a mobile app with which you can learn many different languages including Spanish. These days I commute to work. About 40 min by train twice a day. It could be a lot of wasted time but I spend a lot of it using Duolingo.

italki is a web site and a mobile application through which you can find chat partners for free or teacher for a reasonable price. The fun part is that the other person can be from the other side of the world. Once you found the partner/teacher you conduct your online meetings via Skype or some other, similar too. Prices for teachers seem to range between $4-$80/hour depending on the language, the location of the teacher, and I guess how much they value themselves. I found a teacher from Spain. (This is an affiliate link. As I understand if you use to sign up we'll both get some credit.)

Podcasts / mp3 files

Ben and Marina from Notes in Spanish are great. You can download the episodes free of charge. They are just mp3 files and listen to them while commuting or while doing your other things that don't need your full attention. You can also buy the worksheets. The Inspired Beginner series can be understood after juts a few days or weeks of learning Spanish. They have tons of explanations in English and then they speak in Spanish.

Beatriz and Reyes from Podcast in Spanish are fun. These are 2-minutes long conversations in Spanish only. They speak very fast, but if you listen to the same episode 4-5 times you start to understand the individual words and after a few weeks (or maybe months) of learning Spanish about 1 hour a day you can start understand them.


PRACTIQUEMOS by Catalina Moreno E. I love the way Catalina teaches.


Extra in Spanish is a telenovela especially for beginners. It is very cheesy, but it is fun.

Señora Acero is another telenovella. It was a bit too difficult for me when I tried it.


Dictionary / Translator

I use Google Translate and the same application that has an off-line version so I can also use it when my train is in a tunnel.

Reading the news or listening to the news

It is still very difficult for me and I hardly understand anything, but here are a few:

In person events

Duolingo has a platform called Duoling events that allows you or other to organize in-person meeting among people who learn the same language. I became an ambassador for Duolingo in Spanish and English. (A volunteer to organize events.)

Meetup is a generic platform to organize events. I found two language related groups near-by, but neither of them really fit my needs due to their schedule so I created my own. Lunch in Spanish/English in Tel Aviv. You might find a group near where you live.


I think one of the most difficult parts is to start to talk in Spanish. I have mentioned several possibilities: italki, Duolingo events, Meetup events.


Audio books

Telemundo Entretenimiento. Especially Suelta la sopa.

Listen to the radio: There are various apps for mobile phone that allow you to listen to radios from all over the world. There are tons of Spanish channels to listen to.

Watching movies in Spanish in Netflix (or elsewhere).

Published on 2018-12-05 by Gabor Szabo