Sponsoring Perl events by running Perl training courses

I just went over the events listed on the Perl Weekly site to see which one is mentioning the Perl Weekly as media partner, and which one should I still ask... What I noticed is that most of the events are looking for sponsors.

Unfortunately I can't offer monetary sponsorship out of my pocket, but I can offer my time and my work. Something that can bring in quite some monetary help and it might even enhance the event. It worked with several YAPCs already.

Before or after the event I can run a Perl training course paid mostly by companies.

You, as the organizer of the Perl event will have the extra work of getting the rooms for the training, you'll need to cross-promote the event you organize with the training, and you'll have to collect the money.

I'll help with the promotion via the Perl Weekly newsletter and the Perl Maven site, fly there, and will run the course.

The profit can be divided between the budget of the event and myself.

Not only can this bring a nice monetary help to the event you are organizing, but it will also provide additional value to the attendees and to the companies using Perl.

I think it worked out quite well at YAPCs in recent years.

I write this offering my training courses, as I can't speak in the name of the other Perl trainers, but I am sure some of them would be ready to offer similar deals. Just as they did around YAPCs.

Those who would also offer similar deals: