Sponsoring Plat Forms contest teams - dead-line in less than 3 weeks

Several other people have already blogged about the Plat Forms contest that will take place between 18-19, January, 2011, in Nürnberg (Germany). So far there is one team - the Austria.pm team - sponsored by Vienna.pm. The are planning to use Catalyst.

As the rules require to have at least 3 teams of the same platform we need at least 2 more teams to apply and the dead-line is just 3 weeks away.

There is a Dancer team in formation but they have not finalized themselves yet.

In order to improve the chances that there are going to be enough teams the Perl Ecosystem Group is willing to provide some modest sponsorship to cover travel costs and accommodation.

If you build a team, please post information about it on the TPF wiki page.

Please let us know if you need expenses to be sponsored so we can check our budget or can go to companies to ask for further sponsorship.