Stackoverflow, Serverfault, Superuser and Perl

One of the problems mentioned in Perl From The Outside is that many people just don't see Perl.

There is an easy solution to that but one that needs some work.

Sign up to Stackoverflow, Serverfault and Superuser and look for questions that are either marked with the Perl tag or can be solved with Perl.

For example I just saw this post How do I write a script that sums the numbers in a file? and answered it. That was a 1 min investment. Including the registration.

What if the few thousand Perl Mongers would each invest a few minutes every day to find questions, even older ones and add a Perl based solution?

One could start by searching for tag such as bash, grep, awk, sed, find, regex, ack(!) and provide a solution there.

The more ambitious ones would look for questions regarding Linux and Windows and see if there is a solution using Perl.

The even more ambitious ones could look for issue tagged with HTML, SQL, Javascript, JQuery, etc. and see if there is an answer using Perl.

Just sayin'.

No (more) screencasts today.