Starting a blog

I have been on an off this idea of blogging. I am still not sure. It seems it needs too much energy.
Two days ago I opened an account on LiveJournal but I guess I'd prefer to keep things on my own site.
I have also been writing on use.perl. It is probably much more visible, but again, that is not on my site.

There are also other issues here. As usual I am trying to create my own blog software. After all I don't need much in this. I started by just writing the HTML code, adding a date and content.
Then I realized I'll need a way to split up my blog. Hopefully I'll be able to post often. Then soon the single page blog would not work well. I shall split up the messages and move them in some permanent location. The first idea was to to use perl -e 'print time' to generate a timestamp and use that as the name of the file. (e.g. /blog/1153283015.html) Assuming I don't write two entries in the same second this is a unique and growing number. Then I looked at Ask Bjørn Hansen. This reminded me that I also need a title for each entry. Ask is using /YYYY/MM/DD/the_real_title.html as the name of the file. Oh, yes if I happen to write a lot then using a single directory might have a problem, having too many files in it. Besides, the date hierarchy seems like a good idea. Using the title as the name of the permalink does not seem to be good. At least for me. I am sure I will need to change some of the titles. If for nothing else to fix my typos.

Published on 2006-07-19 by Gabor Szabo