Strawberry Perl download statistics

Some stats: Between 19 May and 20 June Strawberry Perl
was downloaded 24,751 times. That is 24,751/32 = 773 download/day.
Distributed as 2,174 1,677 20,900

Between 29 May and 20 June Padre on Strawberry Perl (v3) was downloaded 1,509 times. This means 1,509/23 = 66 download/day.

Since its release on 20 June till 25 June Padre on Strawberry Perl for Windows (v5) was downloaded 448 times. That's about 75/day. Not a breakthrough compared to the previous release. Yet.

To compare, here is the entry on How to measure the success of Strawberry Jam?.

If you are interested what is cool about the new Padre on Strawberry distribution check out this screencast and then subscribe to my channel.