Strawberry Perl for Windows

For a long time I neglected this project but today I create a fresh VMware image of Windows XP and installed Strawberry Perl on it. I was surprised to see how nice it is! It already comes with a pre-configured CPAN-shell and everything else you need to compile modules that use C. You don't even have to setup your CPAN mirror as they already pre-configured one for you.

I am about to show Win32::GuiTest in class. I know it works well on ActivePerl but there you get a binary version of it. I wanted to see how does it work on Strawberry Perl. It works. Great.

Then I also wanted to try Win32::GUIRobot as that is supposed to be a superset of Win32::GuiTest. Unfortunately one of its dependencies Prima did not install easily. I had to run Makefile.PL manually. After some fighting I managed to install that too so I hope I'll be able to play around with it. I would not be able to do so in ActivePerl as there is no pre-compiled version of this module. I have already asked Randy Kobes to prepare one, so by the time you are reading this you might already find one but in the long run I don't want to rely on this.

If you would like to get involved in the work on Strawberry Perl the place you should start looking at is the Win32 Perl wiki.

Published on 2008-04-03 by Gabor Szabo